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January 2014
Featured Infrastructure Products
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New 3 Series Patch Cables—our best ever! Top performance plus lockability.
Use these high-performance 3 Series CAT6A/6/5e patch cables for your everyday network connections. Then when you need to secure network ports, you can—without buying new cables. Just slip the Locking Pin into the patented boot. That’s smart, economical Layer 1 security. Read more.

3 Series Lockable Patch Cable Video
Watch a short demostration of our innovative 3 Series Cables with patented LockPORT™ technology. They give you premium performance plus the ability to lock down critical network ports—only when you need to.

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Fiber Loopbacks, Attenuators, Pigtails
To help installers and techs test and troubleshoot fiber equipment and connections, Black Box has introduced a new line of fiber loopbacks, attenuators, and pigtails.

Use the loopbacks to verify equipment operation by "looping" the signal back.

Buffer overpowering fiber signals and eliminate errors with the attenuators.

Use the new 6- and 12-fiber pigtails in termination enclosures or with fiber test equipment.

Get Automated Alerts and Remote Control with an Outlet-Managed PDU
Do you ever sit at home worrying if your network is up? An outlet-managed PDU can keep an eye on your network equipment for you. You'll know if something is wrong so you can correct the situation before it turns into a crisis. The PDU will automatically notify you when changes in current levels, temperature, circuit breaker status, and other factors exceed threshold values. This gives you the chance to reboot your rackmounted equipment when devices aren't responding; disable outlets to reduce current consumption; or even switch on cooling devices to lower the rack/cabinet temperature. Learn more.

Featured Resources

Data Center Design Primer: Part One
Data Center Journal editor Jeff Clark discusses key decisions to be made in designing a data center. Read more.

New IT Infrastructure and Cabling Design and Sourcing Guide
This free guide features 224 pages of educational resources, case studies, tutorials, and solutions needed to implement network infrastructure from the data center to the desktop and beyond. Solutions include the latest technologies, tools, and trends in cabling, cabinets, racks, cooling, testers, power management, and more.
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Fast, online Cable and Cabinet Configurators
Finding the exact CATx and fiber cable, freestanding cabinet, and wallmount cabinet you need is fast and easy with these handy online tools. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

2014 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition
February 2-6, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Registration for the conference is now open!
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Data Center World Global Conference
April 28–May 2, 2014, The Mirage, Las Vegas.
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In the News

2014 Cabling Icon Winner Announced
On December 27, 2013, Joenathan Barnes was named the 2014 Cabling Icon, the best low voltage cabling installer/technician. The last phase of the entries included submitting a 2-minute video of dropping cable down a wall.
Watch the video.

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