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November 2013
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Introducing our ETL Verified
CAT6A channel solution.

Black Box is proud to announce its new CAT6A ETL Verified channel solution. This UTP channel consists of component-level and channel-rated bulk and patch cable, a staggered patch panel, and a jack. The channel is designed to give you performance well beyond the 500-MHz CAT6A spec. In addition, the patch cables feature LockPORT™ boots, giving you optional security when you need it. See more.

Install IT equipment without additional cooling or costly infrastructure.
Ideal for indoor use when you need to keep your servers or other equipment outside a climate-controlled data center, ClimateCab™ cabinets feature digitally controlled air conditioners, a NEMA 12 rating, and a 12-gauge steel frame that can support up to 1500 pounds. You can save thousands by using a ClimateCab cabinet instead of installing a complete data center with a custom cooling system and raised floors. Read more.

Featured Resources

New IT Infrastructure and Cabling Design and Sourcing Guide
This free guide features 224 pages of educational resources, case studies, tutorials, and solutions needed to implement a network infrastructure from the data center to the desktop and beyond. Solutions include the latest technologies, tools, and trends in cabling, cabinets, racks, cooling, testers, power management, and more. Get the Guide.

Fast, online Cable and Cabinet Configurators
Finding the exact CATx and fiber cable, freestanding cabinet, and wallmount cabinet you need is fast and easy with these handy online tools. Learn more.

Safety & Performance in the Wire and Cable Industry White Paper
Learn about standards for cable safety and performance, two fire safety test methods, product safety markings, and more in this free white paper from Intertek. Learn more.

In the News

Easy ways to slash cooling costs.
Cooling is the biggest energy user in the data center. This article from Data Center Knowledge offers 13 tips for new and existing data centers that can help reduce cooling costs. Learn more.

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