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December 2013
Featured Infrastructure Products
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Fiber Patch Cable in 12 Colors
Move over orange, yellow, and aqua! Now you can get fiber patch cable in violet, pink, red, and other vibrant colors for color-coded applications. With 12 standard colors to choose from, it’s like getting custom-color cable without the hassle of placing a custom order.

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Elite Wallmount Cabinets
The versatile, durable, secure Elite™ wallmount cabinet is different from other wallmount cabinets. Its back panel has large openings that enable easy installation of patch panels and other prewired equipment. Doors can open left or right, and the front and side panels have key locks.

It’s easy to add fans, a brush grommet kit, a waterfall radius bracket, or other accessories. Plus, Elite Wallmount Cabinets are guaranteed for life.

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Featured Resources

New IT Infrastructure and Cabling Design and Sourcing Guide
This free guide features 224 pages of educational resources, case studies, tutorials, and solutions needed to implement network infrastructure from the data center to the desktop and beyond. Solutions include the latest technologies, tools, and trends in cabling, cabinets, racks, cooling, testers, power management, and more.

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Fast, online Cable and Cabinet Configurators
Finding the exact CATx and fiber cable, freestanding cabinet, and wallmount cabinet you need is fast and easy with these handy online tools.

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In the News

It’s getting warmer in some data centers.
This article from Computer World discusses reasons why so few data centers run at the upper end of the ASHRAE limits.

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