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January 2014
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Broadcast and Media Solutions
Black Box helps clients in the media and broadcasting industries design, build, deploy, and upgrade mission-critical monitoring and control solutions, video processing and distribution infrastructure, and high-performance networking systems to improve collaboration and productivity, lower operating costs, and simplify back-end support systems to deliver clear competitive advantages.

The portfolio of product solutions for broadcast and media includes high-performance KVM switches that extend HD video and peripherals, and a ProAV system that extends HDMI video over a LAN to a nearly unlimited number of screens. Visit for:
To see how these solutions and more all work together, download our Broadcast and Media Solutions brochure today.

Broadcasting brochure

Featured Resources

Case Study: Mobile Broadcast Production
Black Box France was contacted about creating KVM and digital signal extension in mobile broadcasting trucks. Not only did they propose the product solution, but they also worked with the customer to design and implement the technology. Learn More.

Case Study

High-Performance KVM Guide
Plan and deploy an end-to-end switching and extension setup with The High Performance KVM, HD Video, and Peripheral Matrix Guide. This FREE 100-page catalog has all the resources needed for specific applications, including broadcasting, command and control, healthcare, transportation, and education.

High Performance KVM Guide

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