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December 2013
Featured KVM Products
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Desktop KVM with DisplayPort connections
The DisplayPort™ standard delivers high-performance features in computing, digital displays, and consumer electronics. The ServSwitch™ Wizard DP USB is a 4-port switch that supports high-resolution video via DisplayPort connections, with independent switching for KVM, audio, and USB.
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DVI KVM for dual-link, multi-head switching
This flexible, professional-grade KVM switch for high-performance, multi-head switching enables a single user to control four computers with multiple video heads. This switch supports DVI video, keyboard, and mouse streams to multiple CPUs, and comes in dual-, tri-, and quad-head versions. Learn more.

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White Paper

White Paper: USB True Emulation for KVM Switches
Since its inception in 1995, the USB standard has been a great way to connect a wide range of devices. This white paper describes how USB True Emulation overcomes the limitations of enumerated and emulated USB switching techniques by speeding up the reconnection rate, increasing reliability. Read more.

Plan and deploy an end-to-end switching and extension setup with The High Performance KVM, HD Video, and Peripheral Matrix Guide. This FREE 100-page catalog has all the resources needed for specific applications, including broadcasting, command and control, healthcare, transportation, and education.

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