Black Box Network Services - March/April Spotlight: new products, resources, and promotions
New Products
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Digital Signage

Wear “eye candy.”
Get sweet results.

iCOMPEL™ WDS Wearable Digital Signage (WDS-M, WDS-H)
Enhance one-on-one sales interaction. Create unique video loops for uploading to wearable screens.
Watch the WDS video.

MediaCento™ HX HDMI® Video Distribution & Extension (VSPX-HDMI1X4-TX, VSPX-HDMI-RX, VSPX-HDMI-CSRX)
Reach multiple HD screens simply and affordably.

Micro Mini Converters (LMC40xA, LMC400xA)
Bring fiber to the desktop and other tight spaces.

Pro Switching System 1U NBS
(NBS004A, etc.)

Prevent costly network downtime with this reliable A/B gang-switching system.
LockPORT™ Secure Port Locks

Lock up unused network ports from
unauthorized access.

Watch the LockPORT Secure Port Lock video.

10-Gigabit Laser-Optimized OM3 50-Micron Fiber Optic Bulk Cable (EXPOM3A)
Upgrade to 10-Gigabit Ethernet with this laser-optimized, 50-micron cable.

Shielded CAT5e and CAT6 EZ-RJ45 Modular Plugs, 100-Pack (CAT5ESEZ-100PACK, CAT6SEZ-100PACK)
Make the easiest cable terminations ever.
New Resources
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Industrial Technology Solutions

Product Configurators & Selectors
Our interactive tools make it even easier for you to get the solutions you need—fast.

Cable and Adapter Configurator
Ethernet Cable Selector
Fiber Cable Selector
KVM Switch Selector
KVM Extender Selector
Video Extender Selector
Cabinet Configurator
Wallmount Cabinet Selector

Access all our configurators here.

iCOMPEL WDS: Wearable Digital Signage

The Changing Wi-Fi Landscape: How to Adapt Your Wireless Infrastructure for the BYOD Trend
White Papers
Group Encryption
The key to protecting data in motion.

Tablets in Education
Is your network ready?

Access our entire library here.

Videos & On-Demand Webinars
Data Encryption
Wearable Signage
Non-Compliant and Counterfeit Cables
Veri-NAC Compliance

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New Technology
Making the switch from analog to digital video in your KVM environment.

Video standards are changing rapidly, from analog to digital. Are you beginning to see more DVI-based monitors in your workplace? What’s the right way to make certain that you’re using this new technology correctly, and getting the greatest advantage from it?

There are some very clear advantages to switching to digital. Black Box can help you make the most of DVI technologies by providing you with the technical resources to avoid costly pitfalls and the solutions that enable you to implement DVI to your best advantage.

Digital provides sharper, less vulnerable images ??? [read more]
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