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January 2014
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Gigabit PoE Media Converter, 10/100/1000BASE-T to SFP

Connect with fiber and power remote PoE devices.
Extend your network over fiber and power a PoE device such as an IP security camera, wireless access point, or a VoIP phone with these tough media converters. They feature 10/100 copper ports and either an SFP, single-mode, or multimode fiber port. You can power them three ways: from an AC power supply, via the DC power jack, or via the DC terminal block. When used with DC power to the terminal block, the converters support an extended operating temperature range of +32 to +158° F (0 to +70° C).

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Communicate with remote telcom and IT network assets more efficiently.
Designed for out-of-band network access to service ports, the TL500A enables businesses to communicate with remote telcom and IT network assets more efficiently and securely while cutting costs. Share up to five devices on one phone line. The switch can be used to routinely access remote service ports on equipment and to provide redundant POTS connectivity to equipment when the IT network is down. It automatically routes incoming calls to modems, faxes, phones, and/or service points. Vulnerable PSTN pathways are protected with seven-character security access codes (DTMF), creating a telephony firewall for dial-up devices.

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Out-of-Band Network Switch, Telephony Firewall, Call Router

Async/Sync Short-Haul Modem

Extension solutions for every application.
Send async or sync RS-232 data 7.6 miles at up to 56.7 kbps with a short-haul modem. Transformer isolation and surge protection help to guard your valuable data, and front-panel controls make it easy to configure diagnostics. This is only one example of our selection of extension solutions—call Tech Support to find the one that’s right for your application.

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Featured Resources

Black Box Tutorial: Unmanaged, managed, and Web-smart switches.
Learn what the difference is between unmanaged, managed, and Web-smart switches. Which one you choose depends on the size of your network and how much control you need over the network.

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Black Box Tutorial

Video: Power over Ethernet Explained

PoE video.
There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding Power over Ethernet (PoE). Learn what PoE is, and isn’t, and how it can be an important part of your network.

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Product Configurators and Selectors.
Finding the exact cable, cabinet, KVM, and video product you need is fast and easy with these handy online tools.

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Selectors and Configurators

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Power over USB

Power over USB?
We all know about Power over Ethernet. What about Power over USB? This short article details enhances to USB 3.0 that would allow USB cable to provide 100 watts of power.

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