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October 2013
Featured Networking Products
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Extend Ethernet links between buildings wirelessly.
With the Wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet Extender Kit, you get effortless and affordable Ethernet extension—without laying cable. These tough, waterproof extenders give you a 40-Mbps link up to three miles away and a 20-Mbps link up to six miles away. Plus, they are PoE-powered by a single Ethernet cable. Easy set-up, too—the extenders are pre-synchronized to work together. Read more.


Connect four USB 2.0 devices in an industrial setting.
Now you can get USB connectivity where you need it with this super-tough industrial-grade 4-port hub. It has high-retention USB connectors that ensure a tight connection—even in high-vibration applications. Read more.

Featured Resources

Wireless Networking

White Paper: Wireless Networking
Learn more about wireless networking with this basic, but thorough, overview of wireless standards. Download now.

Article: Simplifying and Ensuring Data Security Across the WAN.
This article explains how you can implement faster, safer, and lower cost network security without VPN tunnels. Read now.

Blog post: The hidden costs of old networking hardware.
You’ve heard of Moore’s law, which states that computing power doubles every 18 months. The actual number is probably more like 20 months, but the upshot is that computing evolves at a breathtaking rate. This post explores the reasons why you should replace those aging network devices. They include maintenance, downtime, energy consumption, and decreased performance. Read now.

Product Configurators and Selectors.
Finding the exact cable, cabinet, KVM, and video product you need is fast and easy with these handy online tools. Learn more.

In the News

SSNs Exposed in Most Data Breaches in California
More than half of Californians whose personal information was exposed in data breaches last year wouldn't be a statistic if the breached companies had used encryption. Read more.

USB Protector Prevents Unwanted Computer Infections
This new device is designed to stop hacking methods that use USB ports. Learn more.

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