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Commercial; Federal, State, and Local Government; K-12 and Higher Education Deal Registration Application
Please submit the following form, along with the project details, so this opportunity can be officially registered to your company.

Once the registration is received, here are next steps:

  • Black Box will qualify it with the Partner;
  • Black Box will extend an exclusive discount to the reseller or integrator participating in Black Box’s standard channel discount program;
  • All deal registrations must be approved by Black Box.
  • Any applications received after an RFQ/RFP has been released will not be approved without prior consent from Black Box.
  • Federal Deal Registration Applications are subject to a 21-day grace period.

NOTE: This Deal Registration Program applies to any sales opportunities to Commercial, State and Local Government, Education (SLED), and Federal Government of Black Box labeled products with an aggregate value of at least $5,000 or more.
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Make sure your total Deal Registration meets the $5000 minimum. If you need more space, click here to download an addendum spreadsheet and attach it in an email to Cindy Coligan.
Thank you for registering this deal. Please send any additional project details to Cindy Coligan.
You will receive a response in 72 hours.

This registration expires 90 days from the approval date. Extensions and rollout exemptions may be requested.
NA-LW-T-CSSR-F-019 Rev 20 (05/25/18) Company Confidential